Food Time!

What is food?
It’s just stuff we eat to get through our days, right? Well if we need food to survive we might as well enjoy our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every meal is set aside of our daily life or at least should. Our breakfast might be at home or on the road maybe even skipped. Our lunch might be shoved down our throats in order to continue with our busy lives. Then there’s dinner. Maybe just maybe you can have it alone with that special person or have a nonformal dinner at home or maybe it’s a couple drinks at the bar and bar snacks. The point is life is already crazy enough and food can be your only escape. I’m willing to give you incredible recipes that will make your day even better.

What does food do for us?
Of course it feeds us but the bigger picture is that it changes how we feel. Maybe it’s physically like stopping a tummy from growling, or maybe it makes you smile and relaxs you. The effect varies from person to person and time to time. In reality food changes how you feel. Have you ever noticed a person when they skipped breakfast? Their thought process might be slower and they’re more irritable. This occurs in a person when they skip any meal. Why? Well food such as grains, fruits, and some vegetables contain sugars that help your brain to function. Low blood sugar causes serve headaches and even dizziness. If low blood sugar is normal it is very serious so I recommend eating during every meal and don’t skip out on carbs because of a fear of gaining weight. If you absolutely cannot eat breakfast then I suggest 1/2 a cup of fruit juice and/or chewable candies that ain’t sugar free.

What is too much food?
I’m not the judge of what is and is not too much food to consume everyday. Sorry I’m not a dietitian, but there are a lot of apps that can help you. My favorite is myfitnesspal it helped my mom loose thirty pounds when she close to being diagnosed with type two diabetes. It wasn’t just the app though. No it’s self control. I know it’s easy to say “self control” since some people lack it when it comes to food. Especially to stress eaters and those that have found close comfort to food. Trust me when I say that when you really want to achieve something like controlling your intake of food you canYou can. You just have to believe in yourself. On the bright side you can still eat some of your favorite foods that I can promise. I’ll be posting healthy recipes once a week and now and then I’ll post a recipe for a dessert as a small reward and to show how proud I am.

Am I eating the right food?
Well it depends. I know some of you avoid gluten! That’s great. For those of you that don’t know what gluten is well gluten it a gluey substance that can cause celiac disease. It’s a nasty thing trust me. All I have to say is I’m proud! Since I know it’s hard with the limited about of gluten-free products. 
Some of you might favor organic foods. Okay listen very carefully. Labels that say organic doesn’t mean that the product is 100% organic it just means it’s about 95% organic. If you’re looking for positively organic foods look for the 100% Organic labels found on the package. 
People that avoid GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods it’s near to impossible to avoid it. The FDA hasn’t made companies put that information on their packaging whether it is GMO foods. I recommend growing your own produce and if your stores use local products call the farms and ask what they’re feeding their livestock in order to be sure. If your not up for the task of calling the farm or growing your own food then go to a local farmers market and ask questions there. 
Now for everyone else that don’t fall into either of these categories all I have to say is check the labels I know some foods that taste really good isn’t healthy but some of those foods are actually very bad for you. When you go shopping for your kids, wives/husband, roommate, or just yourself stop and try to read the label aloud. Most times you can’t pronounce the words after high fructose corn syrup and before …color dye that is a clue to put whatever it is back on the shelf and go for something healthier and more expensive. I know extra money for healthy foods might not make your wallet happy, but it’s an investment on your health. If it’s thirty cents or a dollar more than what you would usually get it’s totally worth it.

Your foodie,


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