The Thing about Recovery

The thing about recovery is, everyone’s in it. Everyone you know, will know, did know, and will never have the pleasure to know is and will always be in recovery.

What is recovery anyway?

According to Google it can be either a “return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength”


“The action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost.”

Sounds to me like the same thing.

We’re in an evergoing cycle of gaining and losing, building and breaking, flying and falling. As humans that’s what we want. We crave the natural high that life gives us when everything is perfect, and we’re addicted to the chaos that follows when we’re at rock bottom. And while we’re at rock bottom something inside of us sparks, glows, explodes, or screams; something inside of us makes us see that it’s time to move on and get better. That it’s time to recover

That realization might come from the ex fiance of a runaway bride. Or maybe that little girl who fell on her first try on the monkey bars. It could be the boy who just realized he likes other boys, or the lady wearing the leather skirt and painted face that got dropped off in the ally with a hand full of cash from her nights work.

It can be anyone, for any reason. There’s nothing too big or too small that doesn’t require recovery.

That doesn’t require “regaining possession or control” to get back to that place where you’re in your normal “health, mind and strength”

So, what do you say to someone who’s recovering? Do you speak lightly about certain topics? Do you sympathize and nurture them until they’re all better? Do you act like they’re fragile China that could shatter at the softest touch?

Yes and no.

All you can do is help when you’re needed. Help when you’re not wanted. Help to the point where you’re not fixing them yourself, but setting them on the right path, and never forgetting that you have recovery to work through too. Whatever it may be.

The thing about recovery is it’s apart of life.

-Donyé K.


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