Everyone has family. Whether they’re your parents or siblings or friends we all have family. My family is my friends. Donyé, Lisa, Tihitina, Ili, Cheyenne, and Aneeta. I remember when high school started and I was looking for any friendly face. I was looking for some place that I could be welcomed and loved. I wanted someone that would take time and climb the walls I’ve built up.

The seven of us somehow collided together and we never broke apart since. We’ve mended together. We built each other up and wipped each other’s tears away. We’ve been there for one another so much so that we became each other’s family. A family we can turn to when anything happens. A family we can confide our darkest thoughts and secrets in. We’ve fought everything imaginable. Heart breaks. Betrayal. Losing friends. Family problems. Darkness. Pain.

Faith as our armor. Our love for each other as our weapon. We’ve sailed through oceans filled with tears. We’ve protected each other from enemy fire. We’ve stitched each other’s wounds. We’ve been through so much craziness and drama. We’ve fought through our own personal problems together and came out stronger. All of us as a family made it through. Yeah we have some cuts and bruises but we’re here for one another.


(Left to right. Up to down. Ili, Donyé, Tihitina, Me, Aneeta, and Lisa)

I love my family. Even though they aren’t perfect. Even though we fight sometimes. Even though we can’t stand each other at moments. I love my family more than I thought possible. No matter what happens I’ll drop everything for them. I’ll pause the world and run to their side. They’ve helped me through my hell. They’ve loved me when I was so consumed by my demons I wasn’t even myself. I’m lucky to have them and I’ll always remember that. They’re my “Ohana”, like Lilo said, “Ohana means family. Family means nobody is left behind or forgotten.”


You have family. You have someone. Someone you love more than you thought possible. Someone you can call home. Someone that will love you even if the world damns you. Sometimes you don’t know it until you know longer have them. Fate is a tricky thing, but just wait because sooner or later you’ll collide into a friend you’ll never lose.


(Left to right. Up to down. Tihitina she’s eating nutella, Ili, Cheyenne hehe she’s laughing, me, donyé, Lisa she’s wearing the sunglasses, and aneeta she being hugged by Cheyenne) This my real family. Love you guys.


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