Do you know that feeling of wanting to do something?

That dream you’ve always wanted to chase but afraid to do so because you’re afraid to fail.

That guy you always had a crush on but never told him because you’re afraid of rejection.

That urge of wanting to be alone but at the same time you don’t because you’re afraid by the time you get back, you’ve missed a lot and so you feel left out.

Well let me tell you something. I know thinking of the outcome of something is terrifying. But have we ever stopped and asked ourself.
Why? Why do we always think about the negative things rather than the positive? Why do we scare ourselves rather than encouraging ourselves?

Well, have you?

What if you never backed out of doing something or saying something that you wanted to say. What if that guy you liked, liked you back but you never knew because you were too afraid. And what if you guys could have been on your way to your wedding. And what if you never left to be by yourself.


I cannot comprehend how much I despise the word WHAT IF. You shouldn’t have to wonder. You shouldn’t be putting yourself in that situation. Instead of sitting there and being scared of what would happen. Why not just have ten seconds of courage and take that first step until you can’t back out. Because in reality, whatever you thought might happen, might not even happen. So why put yourself of the pain of not knowing. What ifs hurts more than any negative thoughts combined.

I know getting rejected, failing, outcasted, forgotten, is terrifying. But maybe all those things was meant to happen to you.

Getting rejected just stops you from falling even more for that guy/girl.
So you can move on to the next.

Failing just makes you want to keep trying until you get it right.
No one goes anywhere without failing.

Outcasted and forgotten by your so called “friends”, might have been the best thing that happened to you. Who would want to be friends with people who would forget you so easily.
So you can go and find yourself some real friends who deserve you.

My point is, every bad ending, always has a way to turn itself around.

So don’t let that one negative thought stop you. Have courage to do what you want. What ever happens will make you stronger and help you become the person you’ll be.

Wouldn’t you rather have a life of “oh wells” than “what ifs”?

Love, Lisa



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