Friends, it seems easy but it’s tricky. People will just back-stab you for anything and by calling them “friends” it’s putting your trust and your heart in their hands. You trust that they won’t hurt you to the point where you can’t even look at them. Donye, Jordan and I spoke so highly of our so called “FAM”, but i guess another one bites the dust. Who would have thought that our so called “friend” had the guts to do that? I guess we underestimated her but we tried to understand. Out of all this catastrophe, it was I who got hurt the most from her lies. After backstabbing me about my boyfriend, she had the confidence to look me in the eye and tell me things that I know are a lie. But stupid me, I forgave her. Not for her or for me, but for the FAM. After that, i could not stand being near her, i drifted from the FAM because she was always there and no one knew that. I knew that if they did, it would cause another spiral. But it didn’t end up being that way, this time, she wrecked it for herself.

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m the type of person to trust someone cautiously but sometimes being too cautious hurts even more. The “friend” i ones thought was always there for me or everyone was the one who was wrecking my life. It’s always hard choosing the best of friends but even then, there will always be flaws. People fall in and out of friendships just like people fall in and out of love. But there’s a difference with friends, you trust them more and so it hurts more.

Love, Lisa


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