I was wrong

I thought that it was me and her. That no matter what would happen that she’d be there with open arms. Even after I’d turn my back and tried to ignore my feelings for her, she was always there.

It was us. Just me and her. I was stupid enough to think that I meant something to her, but I didn’t like everyone before me. I thought that I changed her. I thought that she would protect my heart.

I was easy to forget. Easy to turn away from. With just a word it was washed away. Every touch was forgotten. Every moment was shattered.

And I… I will never be the same. She was it. The only one that saw me and my flaws. She was mine and I was hers. But she made her decision. I was nothing to her, but another game she played.

I hate it that I can’t be mad at her. That I can’t get her laugh out of my head. That I can’t think about what if.

I was so blinded by emotions that I didn’t see all the signs. I convinced myself that this was all real.

I thought this was love, but I was wrong.



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