Measurements of love. 

How does age measure love?

Every minute, every second, we grow older. We get criticized for loving someone so deep. So deep that we get blinded, but for all the right reasons.

When had being in love be so wrong?

“You’re too young to be in love”

“You’re too young to commit”

Well how does age measure love?

Since when did love have an age consent?

When was it right to crtiize someone for the person they love?

There is no right answer, because there is none.

Nothing measures up to love. Nothing. 

Love isn’t who we are and who it defines. 

It’s something we feel strongly for, something we can’t live without. 

It’s not something to throw away or something to question.

It comes and goes and when it comes, it’s exhilarating and its painful, but it’s love. 

How can anything measure up to that? 

How can something so beautiful measure up to anything else? 

No i’m not sorry for feeling the way I feel because of an excuse of age. 

Love doesn’t have measurements.

Whether it’s age or anything else.

It doesn’t come with age, like puberty does. 

Love is something much more which no one can define.

If you find it, hold on to it, treasure it, cherish it. 

It’s not something to be destroyed or embarrassed about. 

You feel what you feel.

Now take that feeling and grow and flourish.

No one can stop something so deep. No one. 



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