I’m Georgie!!!

Hi hi! So I’m all new to the blogging thing and I have no idea what to write about here with the whole “meet the blogger” thing. Sooo here we go.

I go by the name Georgie. Age is useless.  I’m a born and raised east coast girl ✌ yess. I love deep colors like dark purples or almost black blues and I like gray and omg I love green! Hehe. Okay what else…. meerm. Oh I’m a Pisces if that means anything to you. Probably not. I love music. I can’t live one day without it. My favorite artists are paramore, 3 days Grace, miley Cyrus, Florence and the machine, and little mix!! That’s kinda a lot isn’t it? XP.

Eep so I love cows. I know it’s weird but I love them. I could give them a hug and ride them to school! Me+cow= happy ever after. And no I don’t eat cows that would be a betrayal. Moose are also awesome…cause they have horns….and get mad easily…like me! XD jk.

Oh big thing I’m a foodie. No no no like a FOODIE. I’m the girl that will go crazy if you take my food. And I try everything. From authentic Spanish food to German food and everything in between. “All food is good food as long as it has the right balance of love.” I’ll be posting recipes every week most of them will be mine but hey a girl runs out of recipes.

I think that’s enough for now…byyyyez.



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