I don’t know, I’d like to call myself…LISANATOR!

Hellurs, I’m Lisa!

You know that feeling when someone asks you what certain things you like and your mind just goes completely blank? Well that’s how i feel writing this. I guess i’ll do this in a different way. I won’t tell you about my favorite color or any of that sort, what i want to be, or my interests. You’ll learn that throughout this blog. Instead, i’ll tell you a little story.

I remembered a few years ago, i wanted to be in the crowd.I wanted to fit in, and by doing so, I tried to be something i’m not. I would constantly look at myself in the mirror and think, “Why?, why can’t i be like the other girls, the ones that everybody adores and wants to be?” But after searching and searching and failing through it all, i finally figured it out. I realized that maybe i wasn’t meant to go with the crowd, that i’m meant to be this way, to be different. I was meant to be me. I mean, i’m not perfect, i’ve never have been and never will be. And that’s okay because being perfect is tiring. So I eventually stopped trying to change myself and finally let that girl who have been trying to come out but i kept pushing away. And let me tell you, that girl is doing pretty darn good just being herself.

” Do random things when no one is watching, better yet, do it when everyone’s watching”

Love, Lisanator♥


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